Originally from California and now working internationally, Noah Haytin is an emerging young artist whose work has been chosen to be in exhibitions by well-known artists, curators, & critics such as Kim Abeles, Michael Duncan, Peter Frank, Chris Miles, & Tyler Stallings. His paintings and drawings have been created and shown in the United States as well as internationally and have been exhibited at venues such as The Armory Show in New York, The I-5 Gallery at the Brewery in downtown Los Angeles, and Riverside Art Museum in Riverside, California.

Noah Haytin was born in 1975 in the San Francisco-Bay Area and earned his MFA from California State University at Long Beach in 2003. His travels for research and Artist Residencies have taken him across the United States as well as to Turkey, France, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Holland, Morocco, and others. He currently splits his time between living and working in Marrakech, Morocco and California.