Noah Haytin or NOH8TIN (alias "Young No", "Young Noah) is an active California based graphic artist and photographer whose early work rose to high prominence in the Bay Area Hip-Hop scene during the 1990's where he created a signature style of drawing and design. 

His work in rap music visuals has spanned over close to the last three decades where he has worked as a freelance artist as well as an original staff member of Underwood Works/Phunky Phat Graph-X in Oakland, CA. He was also responsible for early iconic logos and photos for No Limit Records, where he served as a graphic artist & representative, as well as for other notable creative work for E-40, Mac Dre, Master P, Luniz, E-A-Ski, Dank or Die Records, etc.

His work can be found online in various places such as at https://noahhaytin.com/noh8tin, Instagram (@noh8tin) & Discogs. His artwork has appeared in rap music industry publications such as The Source, Rap Pages, 4080, and more.

Rap Snacks Radio, Episode 96: "Mobb Music" feat. @noh8tin